Permaculture Project

Our Permaculture Project serves many function including feeding ourselves, education and demonstration, amongst others. This project started around the year 2005 when it was a simple lawn. Today we have several gardens, 40+ trees, a solar water heater, gray water harvester, sectioned compost system and we hope to continue adding elements. Each of the designs below is part of my Diploma on Permaculture Design through the Permaculture Association UK. Hopefully this inspires you to learn and apply Permaculture in your life.


This page serves as my Portfolio and as a record of my learning path towards completing the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design. This effort should take at least 3 years and is self-directed with the assistance of a mentor. It requires the completion of 10 projects and this site will serve as a hub for all of them. This portfolio will constantly be updated as new tasks/projects/systems are completed. Each project section will include all pertaining documentation.

These first three pages show the study done about the site and people involved. This information is then used to work on the chosen designs.

Client Interview

Overall Analysis

Site Survey

Lodge Integration

Gray Water Harvester

Zone 1 Garden

Food Forest

Compost System


Composting Toilet

Outdoor Kitchen

Rain Water

PV Energy

Principle 2: Catch and store energy

By developing systems that collect resources when they are abundant, we can use them in times of need.

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