Ficus Temple Regenerative Works

Ficus Temple is a Permaculture project located on a .5 acre lot in Puerto Rico, next to El Yunque Rainforest and near some of our most popular beaches. We have followed the principles of Permaculture Design Principles to create examples of Regenerative Design for our students and guests.

Following the principles of Permaculture we have upgraded this lot, from a lawn with a few ornamental trees to what should be a fully developed Food Forest within a few years. At the moment we have more than 40 trees including Vanilla Bean, Zapote, Cacao, Coffee and many more. We practice Composting, Vermiculture (worm farming) and Gray Water harvest and we use Solar heaters for the showers. Within the lot we have 2 short-term rental apartments, plus my own, which is available when I travel. All these apartments are completely private and fully equipped and can be booked on AirBnB.

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Enjoy a Ancient Daoist Qi Gong class.
(Summer 2025)

Permaculture Principle 1: Observe and interact

In observing nature it is important to take different perspectives to help understand what is going on with the various elements in the system. The proverb “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” reminds us that we place our own values on what we observe, yet in nature, there is no right or wrong, only different.
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